Oct 27, 2015

Student Debt Resources on Reaching Higher, Diplomas & Debt, and Dropping Out

In the universe of student loan information, there is SOOOOOO much data that sometimes its hard to know where to begin. To help you wade through the muck, I’ve created a list of student loan resources for you to check out this week.

Here are the three resources Conquer is sending your way in this October 27, 2015 edition of You Oughta Know: Student Loan Resources:

Student Loan Resource #1

Better Make Room
On Monday October 19, 2015, I learnt about Better Make Room, a new public awareness campaign spearheaded by Michelle Obama in collaboration with some heavy hitters in media, business, and nonprofit industries, in this NYT Now, Your Monday Morning Briefing authored by Victoria Shannon. Suffice it to say, it’s worth taking the time to explore The site funnels you to, where you can sign up to get information and support about things like paying for school and taking control of your student loan debt. I’m excited to see how this resource develops. Check it out and stay tuned, especially since the U.S. Department of Education has partnered with the non-profit Civic Nation as part of this project.

Student Loan Resource #2

Diplomas and Debt
Recently, Brittany Thompson from contacted me to share a thoughtful and informative infographic they’ve created focused on the education debt load of the Class of 2015. If you’re curious to explore how education debt and the escalating tuition trend, the escalating average debt trend, or how education debt racks up against GDP of some major nations, check this out.

Student Debt

Student Loan Resource #3

The Diploma Dilemma: Dropout Cop Outs
A few months ago I was contacted by Tainya Knights, with an infographic titled “The Diploma Dilemma: Dropout Cop Outs” that’s featured on If you’re someone who is enrolled in an online program or is considering an online program, check it out to learn Tainya’s thoughts on how to stay motivated and avoid falling into the dropout trap yourself.

Diploma Dilemma

Thanks for stopping by! Do you have a student loan resource you’d like to share? If so, leave a link in the comments below, or contact me at

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